Earth School @ The Red Barn Dec. 9th, 12th & 14th

Heal the Past – Script a New Destiny – Live Joyously in the Moment!

OMG! Did you really know what you were getting yourself into coming to this planet?

Let’s have fun together while we laugh, cry, hug and create a new future in this exhilarating game of life!

Earth School is a Three-Session Hands-on Role Playing Game – all sessions build on the previous so it’s important to attend all three consecutively – we cover:

• Learn and practice healing tools to release the past that no longer serves you
• Take your power back in the game of life
• Be reminded of Earth School game rules
• Change your perspective on life issues
• Have fun designing your new life and destiny
• Understand and play with energy learning to heal
• Receive channeled messages, healing and manifestation tools!
• Experience deep meditations to release old wounds
• Feel what love is in the present moment!

See the Flyer for Earth School

The Red Barn Class Dates: (must attend all three consecutively)
December 9th – 6 to 8 PM – Session 1 – Choosing to Play the Game
December 12th – 6 to 8 PM – Session 2 – Earth School Challenges
December 14th – 6 to 8 PM – Session 3 – Energy – Healing & Living in the Moment

To Register – select the number of people, click on December 9th and Book Now!

Place: The Red Barn – Sanctuary Room – 352 Main Street, Durham, CT 06422

A recent Earth School Student says this: “Earth school helped me look at my life with a new perspective. Instead of feeling trapped in a situation, I now see it as an adventure to learn a thing or two! The best part is Earth School gave me techniques to help me enjoy my life more and to sail through the rough times with more ease!” – Ellen C.

About The Course Creator – Scott McRae

Scott began emerging from his spiritual closet in his mid-forties to explore an insatiable desire to heal deep physical, emotional and mental wounds, play with manifestation and enjoy a more suitable life in spiritual alchemy.
Ten plus years would be spent in intense study and practice in energy medicine, full sensory perception, heart awakening, and the re-awakening of his powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience and healing. His studies earned numerous Ministerial Licenses from an esteemed mystery school in Mt. Shasta CA. Since 2013 Scott has led hundreds of personal healing sessions, taught numerous classes on energy medicine, practiced in hospital cancer wards and most recently earned advanced certifications in PSYCH-K healing modalities. Let’s have fun!!

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